Sunday, August 9, 2009

A hint for those new to Django.

After you've done with the django tutorial, you'll probably want to start on your own project. Here's a hint that helped me, coming from a Pylons background, on writing that first project and not getting fed up with it (especially if you're biased and are ready to throw it all away and go back to your old framework at the slightest imperfection)...

In your, you have the following lines...

# Uncomment the next two lines to enable the admin:
# from django.contrib import admin
# admin.autodiscover()

In order to enable admin, you uncomment those two lines, amongst doing a few other things.

Delete those lines. Do it, right now. And get the admin out of your mind.

In the last week, I kept finding myself making my models, opening the admin, messing around with the model's admin interface, getting annoyed over how silly the relationships work in the admin and how it's not how I would want users to specify them, and giving up.

The problem was that I was equating the django admin with django. In reality, what I was doing in pylons, writing the "admin" pages manually but perfectly honed to what I wanted, could've been done in django as well.

Now, perhaps eventually, once you've gotten fairly sufficient with django, specifically after you've wrapped your head around the forms, you can take a look at the admin and see how it might help you. But starting off using the admin will just distract you.

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